Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Porch Makeover

For the past few months, I've had the pleasure of working with Joyce of Vintage Green Antiques. She owns an adorable antique shop in Grand Haven and I've been making new covers for all of her outdoor and porch furniture.
Joyce really wanted a cohesive new look for her porch and we decided to use painters drop cloths as the fabric for the cushions. I think it's nice to have a neutral backdrop that can show off all her cute pillows and home decor items. It is also a great way to get a large amount of heavier weight fabric for a lower price (as long as you like the creamy color). We used 3~12'x15' painters tarps for over 20 new cushion covers! 
Here's some porch pictures she's kindly shared with me...
All photos in this post are by Joyce of Vintage Green Antiques
Her porch has a whole new look and it's so nice that she can take these covers off and wash them when they get dirty. It's fall here in Michigan and about time to close things up for the winter but come next spring, Joyce is going to have a fun and relaxing spot to sit!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A gray linen slipcovered chair

My kids are back to school this week so I am enjoying some more computer and sewing time!
Here's a chair that I worked on making a slipcover for over the summer. For this one, I used a lightweight gray linen. The back cushion was attached so I cut that off and made a new cover for it.
For the skirt on this one, I kept it as short as I could so that the front feet would show. The side of the upholstery on the chair had a dip to it, so I had to keep the skirt a little longer to cover that part.

The back turned out nice with a zipper up the side. This chair will be so cute in my clients guest room! It's a neutral option and can go with so many different decorating styles.
Over the past few weeks our chickens have started laying eggs! It's been very exciting for the kids (and me, too). We bought some chicks (6 of them but one turned out to be a rooster) earlier this spring and have been enjoying watching them grow up. We have three Ameraucana hens that are starting to lay the pretty pale blue/green eggs. Those are the ones I'm most excited about...just because they're a different in color than a white or brown egg.
Here's one of our Ameraucana hens, I think this one is Swagger. They all have "S" names...Sunny, Snickers, Swagger, Snuggle and Sadie. ;) Needless to say, the kids have loved it and they've really been easy to care for.
Hopefully your week is off to a good start!
Happy Sewing,

Monday, August 24, 2015

Chalk Painted Longaberger Baskets

I was at it again this weekend painting a Longaberger basket with Chalk Paint! I have quite a few of these basket and most of them live in closets because the colors aren't just right for my home. I'd really like to enjoy using them again so a few of them have been painted! I know, you may cringe at the thought of painting one of these baskets but I figure I'll enjoy them much more this way. I've been seeing these baskets quite often at thrift stores so I like this idea of updating them instead of donating them!
Here are the two that I've painted so far. They do take quite a long time to paint and I've used a combination of a big brush and a small brush to get into all the spaces with the paint. Each basket took two coats and I did paint the inside as well. The paint I've used is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. The color of the big basket is Duck Egg and the small is Provence. I haven't waxed either basket but I've thought of trying it on the small one. 
This small basket is from 1994 and is called a Jingle Bell Basket. It had a Christmas fabric liner in it so I cut it apart to make a pattern for a new one. It's so cute now, even my husband was impressed with the results!
The fabric is from a collection called Clementine by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit Fabrics. It's so cute! I'm inspired to make some more things with that collection soon.
This large basket now holds lots of smaller quilts and lives in my sewing area. I love it now.
My husband has been working on a new cutting table for me. This weekend he worked on the bottom shelf. The table legs are from an old rope bed that I found at a neat salvage store called Cherry Pickers in Shipshewana. I love these chunky turned bed posts! The table is going to be nice and tall and I'm so excited to not have to cut everything on the floor anymore. I'm hoping this will save my back and provide a lot of storage for my slipcovering projects.
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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Box Pleated Arm Chairs & Bench Cushions

Over the past couple of months, I helped my sister make some new slipcovers for a pair of arm chairs that she wanted to use in her newly finished basement. I found a bolt of light gray fabric for super cheap at our local Habitat Restore and we used that to make the slipcovers. It wasn't the best fabric for slipcovers because it had a sticky backing on it but for $3.00 we could make it work.
The picture above is what one of the chairs looked like when we started. Jennifer had made the slipcover years ago and even though it is still cute, it didn't go with the new look in her basement.
We used lots of velcro to help go around all the arms and parts of the chair that are wood. It was a little tricky to figure out, but the box pleats helped in working around the arms.

We ended up not having enough fabric to do the box pleats all around both chairs, so the back has a flat panel and part of the sides do too. I think it works just fine and since the back is up against the wall most of the time and you'll never notice the difference.
I also found a few pictures of a pair of bench cushions that I made earlier this spring. It was such pretty upholstery fabric!
I hope your week is off to a good start. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Slipcovered Loveseat

Good Morning!
I'm up early in a quiet house (so far) and I thought I'd take some time to share with you a slipcover that I've worked on over the past few weeks. The before picture is above and a few in progress pictures are below.

Here it is with it's new slipcover. The fabric is the same herringbone fabric that I used on another loveseat a few months ago! It's a great fabric with a little pattern to it and a neutral color. (the fabric is by Richloom...named Olson Woven Herringbone in cement)
This loveseat has a tight back (meaning there were not any separate back cushions). There was a bit if a dip in the center and a crease there, so I ran piping down the middle back to fit in that groove.
I hope your Friday is off to a good start! I'm going to be working on some sewing projects and maybe  a little painting, too. The summer swim season for my kids is almost done so I'm looking forward to a little more time with projects around the house.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Scrolled Back Chair Slipcover

This week, I'm going to try and play "catch up"! I have quite a few slipcover projects to share and the first one up is a scrolled back chair that I finished up a month or so ago. As you can see from the picture below, this chair started with a heavy floral pattern. The chair was in great shape and was still comfortable so a new slipcover gave it a whole new life!
My client's interior designer choose a heavy weight upholstery fabric just to make sure that the floral didn't show through. It was a beautiful fabric with a little sheen to it.
I followed a lot of the same lines as the base of the chair with the piping and I really like how the side profile looks. It was a bit of a challenge with all the curves but I'm really pleased with how it all came together.
I hope to be back in the next day or so with another slipcover project. My kids are finishing up the summer swim team this week so I hope to have a little more time for some fun sewing, too! Maybe even a knitting project...I haven't picked up the needles in quite a while and I'm itching to knit something, too.
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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Vignette Mini Quilt

Today was one of those days where I just needed something new and fun to work on for a little while. Laura Gunn so kindly shared with me some of her new fabrics several weeks ago. I've been thinking about them ever since and today I just decided to cut into them and try something out! 

The fabrics are from Laura's collection called Vignette by Michael Miller Fabrics. I had a sampling of fabrics from a colorway that includes lots of pretty blues, oranges and greens. There are a couple prints in that have flowers in little glass bottles that are so cute and many others that have great textures. I used a gray texture print for the background on this little quilt and a green one for the back side.
For this little quilt, I drew out a petal shape and used that to cut out all my pieces. I layered the two texture fabrics with a piece of batting on the inside and pinned all the petal shapes through the layers. I just stitched around the petal shapes leaving about a 1/4" border. Then I cut out the mini quilt leaving a border around it all and threw it in the wash! 
I quite like the raggedy edges. It's casual and fun and just what I needed for a couple hours today!
Happy Sewing,