Monday, March 9, 2015

White Slipcovered Chair and Ottoman

chair and ottoman - before
I think white slipcovers must be a thing for spring!
 They're fresh, clean and bright... all of which I'm loving right now, too. Along with the couch slipcover I just made, I also covered this chair and ottoman for the same client.

These projects were so fun to do. I think I keep saying that slipcovers change the whole look and feel of the room and that I love seeing that change. Maybe it's just that it's "me" who gets to create that change and execute it and I suppose that gives me a great amount of joy and satisfaction. I really am loving this kind of work and am excited about what the future holds.
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

White Slipcovered Couch

I've been sewing a lot the past few weeks, so I have some fun things to share with you. First up is a couch that I sewed a white slipcover for. It looks like a completely different couch (you can see the before picture below)! It's a sleek and trim slipcover with a waterfall skirt and a 2" blind hem.
Ethan Allen Couch - before slipcovering
I love how all the piping looks on the cushions and slipcover base. One of the fun things for me with creating slipcovers is seeing the change in the look of a piece of furniture just by cutting up and sewing fabric back together. It's really satisfying when it all works out and comes together in a finished piece.

Another bit of exciting news for me is that I will be attending Shelley's Slipcovering Workshop in April! I'm so excited to spend a few days near Salt Lake City and learn some tips and tricks for slipcovering from Shelley. More on that to come, for sure. :)

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

White Couch Slipcover

Good Morning!
I feel like I haven't been in this place in quite a while. It's 2015 I have a feeling that this will be a good year. I'm working hard at sewing almost every day. I've been making lots and lots of vinyl replacement chair covers for another company, so that has been a blessing and has kept me very occupied during the day (and sometimes the evenings, too). 

Over the past few weeks, I've had the pleasure of making a couch slipcover for a client. 
Here's the before and after (below).  My client chose a white bull denim from It's a beautiful and surprisingly soft fabric. It's wonderful that it's thick enough so that the floral upholstery doesn't show through.
She didn't want the back cushions removed from the couch (they're attached) so I draped the fabric over it all and added some pleats on the side to help it drape nicely. I pieced the fabric in 3 sections to follow along with each of the back cushions.

It sure is quite the transformation and I'm so happy that my client was pleased with the results.
I'm looking forward to sewing more slipcovers this year!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Tie-on Chair Cushions

Another project I've worked on the past couple of weeks is a couple of chair cushions with ties. My client provided a custom printed canvas fabric from Spoonflower for the top and a gray textured fabric for the underside. It's a very pretty aqua and gray print, I'd love to see what the whole room looks like with these!
I used a tutorial (found here) to give me an idea of how to make these. I ended up finding some upholstery batting at the fabric store to cover the foam pads with. It sure gives the cushion nice rounded edges and I think it will hold up much better than regular batting or stuffing.
Here's the cushion tied to one of my dining room chairs. It doesn't have the same outline as the chairs these were made for, but it gives you a good idea of what it would look like.
Now this kind of makes me want to make all new covers for my dining room chairs in a fun fabric. :) The list never ends! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Custom Chair Covers


It's hard to believe that it's December 1 today. The past few months have gone by quickly and this week I'm going to try and share some of the sewing projects that I've been working on. 

Up first is a custom chair cover project for a client. She chose an upholstery weight blue and cream fabric to have me make new covers for her cushions. I patterned these after the original covers, but added piping.
They turned out so nice and look beautiful in her home. There was a set of two chairs that I made the covers for and my client painted the chairs with chalk paint and distressed them a little bit. That gave them a whole new look and with the fresh covers, they look like brand new chairs!

Friday, October 3, 2014

This week...

Today it's cold, windy and rainy outside. It's very much a fall day here in West Michigan. I've got a little one home sick from school and I think I'm going to enjoy a day inside with him. This afternoon I have apples to make into applesauce so that should make the little guy happy.

This week I've been sewing quite a bit. I've had fat quarters of Up Parasol by Heather Bailey for a little while and have been wanting to make something with it. I came up with this simple baby quilt and I think it shows off the larger scaled prints pretty well.
I mixed in other Heather Bailey fabrics from various collections and they all go together really well. It sure is a girly quilt top! I choose some minky fabric for the backing (in the top picture). I haven't used that for a quilt backing but I thought I'd give it a try with a small quilt. I'm not sure how it will be to quilt with but it sure is soft. I wish I had a little batting in the house to baste it up with...I always need something that I don't have at home to finish a project! ;)

Over the past week or so, I've been working on pulling together fabrics for a quilt for a client. She sent me a picture of a quilt that she loved and I've been trying to match fabrics to the picture. The pattern is called Remember Whooo Loves You by the Acorn Quilt & Gift Company. It's so cute with the owl applique. 
I've altered the pattern and dimensions of everything to make it approximately a full size quilt. The center part is sewn together and now I just need to add the owl and branch applique.
These are the fabrics for the rest of the quilt. The bottom two are border fabrics (the small seeds as an inner border and the dots as a large outer border) and the rest are for the owl and branches. I'm hoping to finish up the quilt top this weekend so I can bring it to be custom quilted next week. Should be a gorgeous quilt!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

quilt book destash

I've been cleaning out my sewing area again.
There are a bunch of quilt books up for grabs in the etsy shop that are cheaply priced!
I hope you'll find something that you like.